Knowledge Product Volunteer

Knowledge Product Volunteer
Placement: Jakarta Office


Greeneration Foundation is currently looking for highly passionate individuals to join the Strategic Engagement team, specifically for Strengthening the Engagement and Capacity Building of Circular Economy Stakeholders in Indonesia Project, a collaboration project with UNDP and Ministry of Development Planning under the CE Secretariat. The placement for this position is at the Greeneration Foundation Jakarta Office. The general role is to support the Project Officer in the development of knowledge products about Circular Economy and Its Adaptability in Indonesia that will be produced (curriculum and syllabus, modules, and video courses). There are also several Experts that will contribute in making the products (Training Expert, Circular Economy Expert, Resource Efficiency and Management Expert, and Waste Management Expert).

Job Description:

1. Assist the Project Officer in coordination and communication with Experts in the drafting process of knowledge products

2. Support the Project Officer in translating the summary findings and analysis results from the interview that was conducted with several stakeholders and Expert’s advice for the development of curriculum framework.

3. Support the Project Officer in composing and developing curriculum and syllabus.

4. Conduct research about the assessment system and course certification.

5. Support the Project Officer in creating modules from the curriculum framework, including support in making brief video courses based on the content from each module

6. Assist Project Officer in the process of developing modules into existing training platforms, including contact the selected training platform and existing CE training platform

7. Assist Project Officer in the preparation of the implementation of capacity building, especially in the readiness of the material and the experts as speakers.


1. University students from all majors, preferably majored in Education, Economics, Environmental Engineering, and other related majors

2. Having knowledge or experience in making knowledge products, especially on curriculum, syllabus, and modules. However, having prior experience is a plus.

3. Have excellent communication skills in a working environment

4. Agile and self-starter

5. Adaptable and dynamic

6. Have good critical thinking and creativity

7. Passionate and looking forward to contribute in the environmental sector, particularly in sustainable development, waste management, and circular economy issues

8. Willing to work from the office (conditional) and able to work remotely in Jakarta.


1. Capacity Building and trainings

2. Certificate or e-certificate

3. Recommendation letter (if needed)

4. Merchandise (adjustable)

5. Transportation replacement Rp1.500.000,-/month for Bandung placement and Rp2.000.000,-/month for Jakarta placement

6. Additional consumption and transportation replacement if needed when participating in office activities/event (reimburse);

7. Maximum health insurance of Rp300.000,- for 3 months ( Conditional – reimbursement system).

You are encouraged to apply, please send us your CV, Motivation letter, and Transcript, to with subject KPv_YourName latest by Octoberr, 26th 2021. Join us!


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