Welcome November 2018

November: no/ vembar| -n. the beginning of a new adventure; time to take more positive actions and do the unexpected. 


#NOVEMBERJUANG this is our new theme for this awesome month. Please feel free to tag us and use #NOVEMBERJUANG for every single one of your positive posts on social media.


This hastag represents our campaign for this month. This is a reminder for all of us that we can live peacefully at the moment because of the struggles our greatest heroes faced in the past. 


#NOVEMBERJUANG also represents all of the people who are constantly struggling to create a good environment, by supporting waste management systems in this country and creating awareness of the waste problem by campaigning for a green attitude.


Thank you for always being with us and thank you for always supporting us on all of our social media platforms! 
Let’s keep in touch and create a more positive impact together! 



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